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26 November 2012 @ 12:42 am
To be truthful, I've only procrastinated on posting on LJ because the more of my life goes by without posting, the more I feel like I have to tell you guys EVERYTHING that happened in the meantime (summer, Japan trip, Halloween, One Piece) but whatever, maybe I'll get to that sometime.

My cosplay is a bit on hiatus. I recently helped a friend make her cosplay (Asuna from SAO) for a con and I thoroughly enjoyed it and really missed it, but when I get home, I start thinking of everything that's more "productive" to do and cosplay just seems so unimportant. And I'm kind of okay with that and it really does make me miss the times in college when I literally made 10 cosplays a year hahaha. I'm thinking there's nothing stopping me now though, and I just ought to sew some shit! Here's hoping for tomorrow.

I've been watching One Piece (so I did get to this at least) and now I buy One Piece merchandise. Which sucks. Because it's everywhere and I like all the characters aghhhhhhh. I definitely still love all the Sanji/Nami interaction but seeing as the last time I watched One Piece was like in 8th grade, I can also appreciate them as friends. The other thing that sucks about watching One Piece is I run out of time to watch other new anime, but I suppose I can see why all Japanese people continue to watch/read One Piece forever. The characters really tend to have realistic problems; I mean they're ridiculous but relatable!

...now I'd better post this before I change my mind. This is also why I have no posts on here, I keep deleting them after I write them and wondering if it's interesting to anyone... but OK, I'm writing for myself. My thoughts already confusing enough swirling around in my head.

Btw, Looper is an awesome movie~~ I'll never forget that torture scene towards the beginning. -_-;
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14 May 2012 @ 04:01 pm
Just gonna throw this up... I'm becoming exceedingly spontaneous with my cosplays despite starting earlier (NO IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE) but I guess these ideas might have more inspirational clout for me if someone else also wanted to cosplay with me... SO LONELY.

It's cosplay time!Collapse )
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01 May 2012 @ 12:52 am
I FINALLY got around to some sewing that's been waiting for me forever... however I have yet to start working on Fanime cosplays... T_T

I only remembered to take pictures about 2 hours in...Collapse )
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12 April 2012 @ 09:24 pm
Ugh I'm seriously going to become a NEET at this rate...

Anyway, I've been catching up on anime! ...on nothing really worth watching for most people, probably, but I'm still catching up!

Chihayafuru Um... 2nd season please? I DON'T KNOW WHO CHIHAYA SHOULD GET WITH my heart says Taichi but my body says Arata or does my heart say Arata and my wallet body says Taichi GAHHH......... I can't even fanart them because I can't decide who I like betterrr. X___X

Hidan no Aria They tried to stop me. They told me this series was no good. But I WATCHED IT ANYWAY. AND IT'S NOT VERY GOOD. But it has its perks. Such as Kugimin playing a yandere character, NOT a tsundere character... and a school uniform that turns into a parachute. No screencap because you have to see for yourself! Also the OP is pretty catchy... it's by May'n, after all. Anyway, don't think about the plot too much and maybe you'll get a kick out of this one.

Yumekui Merry There's something refreshing about the character designs in this show... such as the 90s bucket hat that the main character likes to wear. But overall, it has an interesting premise about entering the dream world and battling nightmares. Too bad it decides to frustratingly NOT resolve the main conflict. It's like going to the grocery store to buy milk and you come back with 10 things that are NOT milk... maybe they're useful, but you DIDN'T GET THE FREAKING MILK.

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger THIS. This should have been the next Super Sentai. I'm still watching Gobusters for some reason but this is just SO AWESOME. And it's really not actually for kids...

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29 March 2012 @ 03:35 am
Another job applied, another job not gotten... I'm getting used to it I suppose. Although this was a Concept Artist position and I realllyyyy thought I had a chance. Well, it's all good; plenty of jobs out there waiting for me to apply! Just gotta beef up my portfolio more. I'm still jealous of friends who have the most mundane jobs at Nick but I think I'm over that. I have no interest in being a copy intern or a storyboard revisionist...

In other news, I'm back to watching anime! I'm currently following Another, Chihayafuru, and Gobusters (super sentai). Recently finished Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai and Goukaigers (super sentai). I'm just LOVING Chihayafuru... Arata makes me remember when I used to fall in love with 2D guys rofl. I melt for his accent... he's probably had like 10 lines in the series so far but he's like AHHHH... just perfect. In real life though, I might like Taichi better... maybe... he is rich after all. Haganai (Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai) was pretty fun. I do prefer the manga because it felt more emotional to me. The seiyuu kind of distracted me from the characters. Goukaigers was ok. Turned out much better than I expected although I wish the great triforce treasure had shown up earlier... Gobusters, on the other hand, has been pretty idiotic so far with its ridiculous Engrish and the dated stuck-in-early-2000s villain. So far, the main bad guy is a virus. Yes, a virus. I think humans can adequately battle those by now... It just makes me wish for Dekarangers. -_-

This week, I'm helping support gintaku on her super epic comic~~ I'm helping block tones in and various other tasks. It's so exciting to be approaching the end of this~ It makes me really inspired to make a comic of my own. :) Also, I'm entering a cherry-blossomed themed art contest and working on an entry for that... hopefully the high entrance fee pays off.

My Sakura gathering~Collapse )
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06 March 2012 @ 10:40 pm
Just a little update before I watch some more AWESOME 1080P ANIME~

So I've been living at home for about 7 months now... still looking for a stable, full-time job, but I have a decent start so far. I got an internship at the beginning of the year at a small animation company (trust me, you don't know it lol) and I've been gaining lots of experience in Flash animation. It's good just to be around creative people who have fun ideas and are constantly encouraging me even when I'm having a complete meltdown. xD Also, I was introduced to another company actually looking for a Flash animator so I'm gonna try to see if that gets me anywhere... I was applying to all the big companies nonstop for a while (with no real results), but perhaps starting with a small company is where it's at. There's definitely a lot of ways to get started in this industry so I'm not too worried.

For a while, I was pretty down on myself for not looking for a job earlier and having to move home and all, but I did what I did (i.e. not saving up from job in college lol) and I needed to move forward. I kept thinking "ugh living at home is such a drag, I have no freedom, I can't spend money on whatever I want... when is my life really going to start?" Especially the last part was so crushing because I was used to buying nice/cute things on a whim and staying out late all the time. At home, I had to live according to my parents beliefs, especially since I didn't have a job yet. But I think ever since I got my part-time jobs, they haven't been quite so bad. >.>;

Also, I'm very grateful to my parents because after I graduated from college, they got me a new phone, new car, and new computer. They believed that with these things, I could be more successful. Although I had wanted to make money on my own and be as independent as possible, it was very difficult to do my graphics-intensive work on my old laptop and drive to LA all the time in my other car.

So here I am, and I'm not waiting for life to start. I realize that it's already been happening.

(also, my English is getting worse from all the Chinese I've been speaking -__-;;)
01 February 2012 @ 06:16 pm
Ahhh it doesn't make sense that I don't have time to cosplay anymore now that I've graduated... ;_; But this was my last official cosplay that I wore at PMX 2011.

Also, this is Luka and Rin version because I happen to like it better than Luka and Miku. :p Brainda is Rin.

Photos all by epiic. Thanks so much Ted!!

Luka and RinCollapse )

There's actually a lot more pictures but most are of us laughing. xD; For Fanime, I will be cosplaying more! Really wanna make Hinano from Trouble Chocolate...
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15 August 2011 @ 11:37 am

As if any Blood series fan couldn't tell that Tokizane was Haji from the beginning... I wonder if they audition the Haji seiyuu by having him yell "SAYA!" in a worried, passionate voice hahah. Good job Tokizane! *thumbs up* For a while, I thought Haji might have been Saya's dad. Which would have been kind of cool actually. xD

Also, count on the possible introduction of Haji to get me more excited about the series. Oh woe is my romantic heart D:

Could be spoilery for people not having seen Blood+Collapse )

One thing that I do love about Blood-C is the music! It feels very theatrical and makes some dull episodes a lot more enjoyable. :) It sounds like it was recorded with an orchestra and doesn't actually sound like anime music. Which is cool!

Also, watched a bit of Steins;Gate with idprism. It's good stuff!! Especially if you've seen Chaos;Head; although I think it's fine to watch if you didn't see that. I felt like I sympathized with the main character in the beginning and had faith in his delusions but soon, I got confused about how weird he really was in the face of "normal" people. It's also cool to see them actually trying to build machines that mess with time... and as I'm almost always amused by anime/dramas making fun of otaku, I think Daru is pretty funny.

I think Super Sentai is what I watch regularly now and while I'm waiting for Gokaigers every week, I tried some older series, such as Dengeki Sentai Changeman (1980s) and Mirai Sentai Timerangers (1999). Changeman is pretty awesome, with a transvestite villain and special effects where you can tell they tried really really hard. xD Timerangers is pretty cool because it's one of the more scifi Super Sentai I've seen and it is SO 90s... with one of the guys having silver hair. I seem to be having an affinity towards everything 90s recently...!
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