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17 July 2013 @ 02:38 am
Sometimes I am very, very sad  
No, I am certainly not depressed.  I've had highs and lows but I think I've been able to maintain good mental health and I am aware of the times when I need to vent or just have a few tears to calm down.

However, there are things very horribly wrong with people today.  I knew Anime Expo had drama but this really just sickens me.  I really hope this Tony person is not a Tony I know because if it was, I might just cry.

When I think about some of the people around me (mostly from work) or the people who are in power or are popular nowadays, I feel pretty worried for our society and for the future.  It's funny to see people doing silly things and answering tests with ridiculously wrong answers, but it's also scary.  Some people are being genuine in making horrible choices.  And when I think about this, and how difficult it would be for them to understand they need to improve or how much more difficult it would be for them to implement any improvements, I feel so profoundly sad for all of us.

We are creative and free and technologically advanced, but we are empty and moving too quickly with most of us not realizing that the empty space needs to be filled to begin with.  Not filled full of many things, but fitted with the right thing.

I think when I was a more quiet/shy/withdrawn person in high school (I"m sure some of you can't imagine lol), I think I actually valued and maybe even enjoyed being sad occasionally.  To an extent I still do.  Obviously, being able to sympathize and feel sad in the first place is not a bad thing.  However, it's probably not so great when it's over something that has little chance of improving.

epiic (SpookyElectric)epiic on July 18th, 2013 08:49 pm (UTC)
Reading through that, it sounds like basically what I'd expect.
My experience staffing smaller cons is pretty much exactly like this - higher ups not conveying information / making desicions about things they don't understand / sudden last minute scrambling / blaming.

One might expect better of a con that's been going on longer. But it's been very obvious to me over yeats and years that AX is very poorly managed. If it weren't for amazing guests and so many people I know going, I would stay clear from it myself.

But, in many ways, that's just what it is to be a manager anywhere. Exeutives will make random uninformed decisions. Communication seems to always be a problem. And a few dedicated, competent people regularly pull off amazing feats to bring things together. And rarely do those people get the autonomy they deserve.

I don't think it's a new generation thing. It's a human's suck thing. Some places they just suck less.

Where I work it's not too bad. But it's astonishing that some businesses manage to succeed. A big part of it is the "Peter Principle" or worse Dilbert Principle". But some of it I think is just the way people are.
epiic (SpookyElectric)epiic on July 18th, 2013 08:51 pm (UTC)
Perhaps the flip side of all that is that despite so much working against us, people still manage to succeed at creating cool things.
staryu on July 19th, 2013 10:19 am (UTC)
i've been thinking a lot about how to live. I try and wonder about why we do certain things that end up hurting ourselves.
Alice: maayatenshiyaki on July 20th, 2013 07:01 am (UTC)
For the record, the bad choices I'm referring to are mostly related to people who eat unhealthily when they can easily eat well and those who are literally wasting their lives in dead-end jobs (even if they might pay relatively well)...

I really think people need to spend more time learning about themselves and the first thing is to know that it's important to know yourself well. :)
Yoshiko-chanyoshikochan on July 23rd, 2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
I am so sad reading through all that. :/ Masq DID go off well, I loved the videos, I loved the skits, I didn't notice major delays. It's so sad to hear how mistreated Toni was. (He's not someone I know...)

I don't know who this crazy woman is or this Marc guy but I know what I think of them after reading all that.