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28 May 2013 @ 08:09 pm
Fanimeeeeeeeee 2013  
Did Artist Alley for the 3rd time at Fanime. It was really awesome and I had never met so many Super Sentai, Zutara, and Eyeshield 21 fans in my life!! I always pick the most awesome niche markets lol. xD

My cosplay list went like this:
FRI: nothing except for Castor's party lol
SAT: Akira (Clamp Campus Detectives) -> Kuranosuke (Kuragehime) -> Ahim (Kaizoku Sentai Goukaigers)
SUN: Yozora (Haganai NEXT)
MON: Belldandy (AMG!)

I don't have many pictures of most of these but hopefully they'll surface at some point... In general I was really exhausted due to running around and working at Artist Alley. Didn't make it to any concerts, B&W ball, or the karaoke room! But overall, it was really an awesome Fanime and I really look forward to next year. :)

Dressed up for a room party hollaaa

CLAMP gathering!

This still never fails to make me melt into a pile of fangirly goop lol

Badass Angelic Layer cosplay


Tsubasa peeps



Sakuras and Syaorans. BTW I was wearing Akira at this gathering, but I had RETARDEDLY and RIDICULOUSLY forgotten my tie so I was so ashamed, I have no pictures. IT DID NOT HAPPEN

Brains Base panel

The monster thingy from Natsume Yuujinchou. I like how Nyanko-sensei is just being carried ahhaha

AHHHH IT'S US WITH THE DIRECTORSSS. I'm the Kuranosuke in the pink sweater~~ My friend Valerie is Tsukimi, Kelly is Mayaya, and Karen is the other Kuranosuke.

Hehe we found another Tsukimi

And then I went to the Tokusatsu gathering OMGGGG. Everyone knows like all the poses and they have all the toys and AHHHHHHHHHH I WANT TOYS TOO






Powerful Rangers ROFLJSDKLF:JDK:


Goukaired VS. GAVAN



So awesome!!

Something Kamen Rider?? Never seen any of them lol... but he looked cool!

I don't even know...

Jack as Goukaisilver and me as closet cosplay Goukaipink! I got to borrow Jack's mobirate :D :D

It's amazing

All of the Kamen Riders

With Captain Marvelous!

So niceeee Monster Hunter cosplay :D

Apparently it's Adventure Time?

They look pretty awesome... not sure what they're from though

Tales of Symphonia cosplayers! They look pretty serious xD

TAIGA~ <3 So cute

Hehe Ahri shopping for prints

Awesome Bolin!



Hey it's Tommy from the karaoke room

My bf's fav character from Bakemonogatari hehe

"How to Draw Sentai" panel

Showing how he designs helmets *o*


Rilakkuma relaxing


So awesome... their armor was clinking!!

Vince and Val at our artist table~

Our neighbors Lauren and Kelly!

Korra and the boys

The Korra cosplayer commissioned me to do a sketch!

Fanimaid Cafe!

Mimi :D

Lovely Complex!!



Cute Chun Li! :D

Hehe Haganai NEXT purikura~
Yoshiko-chanyoshikochan on May 29th, 2013 04:49 pm (UTC)
OMG The sentai gathering looks AMAZING! I'm sad I missed it. We were running around doing things and before I knew it, the time had passed. OTL (Actually part of the problem was registration.... what we thought was going to be 20 minutes max turned into over an hour wait for Colleen. D: Even though it was already day 2...)

LOL @ Zawa Zawa signs... so great... XDDD

Your Korra sketch is amazing *.* the way you did the lines and the smoke, and her expression... really impressive.