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13 January 2013 @ 10:43 pm
2012 Wrap-up in Phone pics (Part I)  
It's awful but ever since I got my smartphone last year, I've neglected to post ALL pictures from 2012. However, I've decided to write up a wrap-up
post for this past year which will feature all these pictures~ Split in 2 parts so as not to post 50 pictures in one post.

Ugh... I still have Japan pics to sort through. Taiwan too... -_-;

In one of Royal/T's last events, they had an AWESOME kimono fashion show. Oh and also Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performed.

Quick candid

Such awesome hats and hair everywhere

Omg how chic does she look!!

Close-up of her obi. I've been kinda obssessed with butterflies this year; I wonder why...

Uni pasta~ SO good

Progress pic of my Ponponpon cosplay :D

A girl with the coolest dress ever

The 6% Dokidoki fashion show

Loved all the looks!!


Non-matching socks

It's Kyary behind the giant scary mascot thing!



Hah me trying on something at a vintage store. Bondage was so in last year

And now we come to ALA 2012! Madoka was getting super popular; cute casual Madoka and Mami~

A print of some of my original characters hehe

JOMYYYY TONYYYY we cosplayed together later at Fanime (which I will also post pics of I PROMISE) :D :D

I remember being pretty excited seeing them last year but they were a bit underwhelming this year lol

40s Marvel girls. Harley is too cuteeee

MONTA!! He inspired me to do my ES21 print~~


Oh yeah baby

I did these mini watercolors at AA that did not sell at all lol. I was able to sell them this year though

Miku craze died down pretty fast lol

Random make-up shot... dressed up for bf's birthday :>

Omg there were so many of these selfpics... I was practicing facial expressions rofl

Mermaid-themed figure drawing event I went to~

Super awesome spread in W magazine

Did a photoshoot modeling clothes for Lolita Charm~ It was my first time and I was nervous but it was fun! :D

I liked this dress~ white and frilly

Ahh... still waiting to go blonde xD

Random outfit shot; I've since sold those shoes, they were too small

Goth shoot, I'm unrecognizable!

Me and Sue-chan, the other model <3

Photographers fooling around lol

Our prop weapons were real...

Regular schoolgirl

Zombie schoolgirls!!

Omake from Sakura gathering

Omg we're so cute <3

Fat sheep hotpot so delicious

My first time having Krispy Kreme lol

Okonomiyaki yummy~
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Alicetenshiyaki on January 14th, 2013 06:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah... besides generally failing to find full-time work, it was a really awesome year. Here's hoping to a salary in this one! xD;