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I-I'm going to try out for the CASA (Chinese kids club) Cultural Show Musical. D: I've never done any acting/singing in public in my life but the show sounds really interesting (Shanghai in the 1930s) so I thought I'd give it a shot. I mean, I've been in the Orchestra pit for 4 high school musicals; I soooorta know how it works?

Megiddo pplz. I gotta get started on that. I was like "k I'll start it in November" WHADDYAKNOW, it's November. -_- Also Tanda and Balsa. They're cute. :)

Some random traveler outfits for Zuko and Katara lol.

HAHA Pride & Prejudice. Hopefully you can tell who's who? I feel like Elizabeth looks remarkably like nephrite lol. xDDD

OH MY ANIMORPH DAYS. I used to order them from book orders (&hearts) in grade school and pretend I was ordering them for my brother because I didn't want them to know I actually read BOY BOOKS. Although I also read stuff like Babysitters Club. But I dunno... middle school girls griping about their lives vs. high school kids who fought mind-controlling aliens from outer space? Not much of a competition there. :p

And I colored it.

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