November 26th, 2012


Yeah you know...

To be truthful, I've only procrastinated on posting on LJ because the more of my life goes by without posting, the more I feel like I have to tell you guys EVERYTHING that happened in the meantime (summer, Japan trip, Halloween, One Piece) but whatever, maybe I'll get to that sometime.

My cosplay is a bit on hiatus. I recently helped a friend make her cosplay (Asuna from SAO) for a con and I thoroughly enjoyed it and really missed it, but when I get home, I start thinking of everything that's more "productive" to do and cosplay just seems so unimportant. And I'm kind of okay with that and it really does make me miss the times in college when I literally made 10 cosplays a year hahaha. I'm thinking there's nothing stopping me now though, and I just ought to sew some shit! Here's hoping for tomorrow.

I've been watching One Piece (so I did get to this at least) and now I buy One Piece merchandise. Which sucks. Because it's everywhere and I like all the characters aghhhhhhh. I definitely still love all the Sanji/Nami interaction but seeing as the last time I watched One Piece was like in 8th grade, I can also appreciate them as friends. The other thing that sucks about watching One Piece is I run out of time to watch other new anime, but I suppose I can see why all Japanese people continue to watch/read One Piece forever. The characters really tend to have realistic problems; I mean they're ridiculous but relatable! I'd better post this before I change my mind. This is also why I have no posts on here, I keep deleting them after I write them and wondering if it's interesting to anyone... but OK, I'm writing for myself. My thoughts already confusing enough swirling around in my head.

Btw, Looper is an awesome movie~~ I'll never forget that torture scene towards the beginning. -_-;