April 12th, 2012


Being unemployed means I can watch anime!

Ugh I'm seriously going to become a NEET at this rate...

Anyway, I've been catching up on anime! ...on nothing really worth watching for most people, probably, but I'm still catching up!

Chihayafuru Um... 2nd season please? I DON'T KNOW WHO CHIHAYA SHOULD GET WITH my heart says Taichi but my body says Arata or does my heart say Arata and my wallet body says Taichi GAHHH......... I can't even fanart them because I can't decide who I like betterrr. X___X

Hidan no Aria They tried to stop me. They told me this series was no good. But I WATCHED IT ANYWAY. AND IT'S NOT VERY GOOD. But it has its perks. Such as Kugimin playing a yandere character, NOT a tsundere character... and a school uniform that turns into a parachute. No screencap because you have to see for yourself! Also the OP is pretty catchy... it's by May'n, after all. Anyway, don't think about the plot too much and maybe you'll get a kick out of this one.

Yumekui Merry There's something refreshing about the character designs in this show... such as the 90s bucket hat that the main character likes to wear. But overall, it has an interesting premise about entering the dream world and battling nightmares. Too bad it decides to frustratingly NOT resolve the main conflict. It's like going to the grocery store to buy milk and you come back with 10 things that are NOT milk... maybe they're useful, but you DIDN'T GET THE FREAKING MILK.

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger THIS. This should have been the next Super Sentai. I'm still watching Gobusters for some reason but this is just SO AWESOME. And it's really not actually for kids...