March 29th, 2012

lady antebellum

Some news, some sakura

Another job applied, another job not gotten... I'm getting used to it I suppose. Although this was a Concept Artist position and I realllyyyy thought I had a chance. Well, it's all good; plenty of jobs out there waiting for me to apply! Just gotta beef up my portfolio more. I'm still jealous of friends who have the most mundane jobs at Nick but I think I'm over that. I have no interest in being a copy intern or a storyboard revisionist...

In other news, I'm back to watching anime! I'm currently following Another, Chihayafuru, and Gobusters (super sentai). Recently finished Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai and Goukaigers (super sentai). I'm just LOVING Chihayafuru... Arata makes me remember when I used to fall in love with 2D guys rofl. I melt for his accent... he's probably had like 10 lines in the series so far but he's like AHHHH... just perfect. In real life though, I might like Taichi better... maybe... he is rich after all. Haganai (Boku ha tomodachi ga sukunai) was pretty fun. I do prefer the manga because it felt more emotional to me. The seiyuu kind of distracted me from the characters. Goukaigers was ok. Turned out much better than I expected although I wish the great triforce treasure had shown up earlier... Gobusters, on the other hand, has been pretty idiotic so far with its ridiculous Engrish and the dated stuck-in-early-2000s villain. So far, the main bad guy is a virus. Yes, a virus. I think humans can adequately battle those by now... It just makes me wish for Dekarangers. -_-

This week, I'm helping support gintaku on her super epic comic~~ I'm helping block tones in and various other tasks. It's so exciting to be approaching the end of this~ It makes me really inspired to make a comic of my own. :) Also, I'm entering a cherry-blossomed themed art contest and working on an entry for that... hopefully the high entrance fee pays off.

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