March 6th, 2012


Waiting, arrived

Just a little update before I watch some more AWESOME 1080P ANIME~

So I've been living at home for about 7 months now... still looking for a stable, full-time job, but I have a decent start so far. I got an internship at the beginning of the year at a small animation company (trust me, you don't know it lol) and I've been gaining lots of experience in Flash animation. It's good just to be around creative people who have fun ideas and are constantly encouraging me even when I'm having a complete meltdown. xD Also, I was introduced to another company actually looking for a Flash animator so I'm gonna try to see if that gets me anywhere... I was applying to all the big companies nonstop for a while (with no real results), but perhaps starting with a small company is where it's at. There's definitely a lot of ways to get started in this industry so I'm not too worried.

For a while, I was pretty down on myself for not looking for a job earlier and having to move home and all, but I did what I did (i.e. not saving up from job in college lol) and I needed to move forward. I kept thinking "ugh living at home is such a drag, I have no freedom, I can't spend money on whatever I want... when is my life really going to start?" Especially the last part was so crushing because I was used to buying nice/cute things on a whim and staying out late all the time. At home, I had to live according to my parents beliefs, especially since I didn't have a job yet. But I think ever since I got my part-time jobs, they haven't been quite so bad. >.>;

Also, I'm very grateful to my parents because after I graduated from college, they got me a new phone, new car, and new computer. They believed that with these things, I could be more successful. Although I had wanted to make money on my own and be as independent as possible, it was very difficult to do my graphics-intensive work on my old laptop and drive to LA all the time in my other car.

So here I am, and I'm not waiting for life to start. I realize that it's already been happening.

(also, my English is getting worse from all the Chinese I've been speaking -__-;;)