August 15th, 2011


Yes I still watch animez


As if any Blood series fan couldn't tell that Tokizane was Haji from the beginning... I wonder if they audition the Haji seiyuu by having him yell "SAYA!" in a worried, passionate voice hahah. Good job Tokizane! *thumbs up* For a while, I thought Haji might have been Saya's dad. Which would have been kind of cool actually. xD

Also, count on the possible introduction of Haji to get me more excited about the series. Oh woe is my romantic heart D:

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One thing that I do love about Blood-C is the music! It feels very theatrical and makes some dull episodes a lot more enjoyable. :) It sounds like it was recorded with an orchestra and doesn't actually sound like anime music. Which is cool!

Also, watched a bit of Steins;Gate with idprism. It's good stuff!! Especially if you've seen Chaos;Head; although I think it's fine to watch if you didn't see that. I felt like I sympathized with the main character in the beginning and had faith in his delusions but soon, I got confused about how weird he really was in the face of "normal" people. It's also cool to see them actually trying to build machines that mess with time... and as I'm almost always amused by anime/dramas making fun of otaku, I think Daru is pretty funny.

I think Super Sentai is what I watch regularly now and while I'm waiting for Gokaigers every week, I tried some older series, such as Dengeki Sentai Changeman (1980s) and Mirai Sentai Timerangers (1999). Changeman is pretty awesome, with a transvestite villain and special effects where you can tell they tried really really hard. xD Timerangers is pretty cool because it's one of the more scifi Super Sentai I've seen and it is SO 90s... with one of the guys having silver hair. I seem to be having an affinity towards everything 90s recently...!