May 22nd, 2011



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Yes. THAT'S IT. But they are all new so I guess that accounts for something. And since these are all basically solo cosplays, I have no set plans so you might find me in any of the three cosplays on any given day... but then I will know that you are my TRUE FRIEND because you talk to me even if we're not cosplaying together! Yeah!

Also, I'm up in NorCal a week early to go to a friend's bridal shower, and I tried to throw something together really quick since it's 50s themed(!). I was originally going to go for a New Look-esque ensemble but really, I was not going to fit three petticoats into my suitcase. -_-; So it's gonna be a sheath dress with some (hopefully) classy-looking accessories. Hopefully it doesn't turn out looking too housewife-going-out lol... Will post pics latermaybe.