March 19th, 2011


Yes I am posting posted omg I wrote a post!

So Matsushita Yuya being at Fanime = I AM THERE. Although I'm less interested in his anime songs than the drama he's currently starring in (Quartet)... I wonder if I could cosplay from that, but that would require a full upper-body (fake) tattoo. -_-;;

Sung karaoke on Joysound at sklathill's place today for the first time in FOREVER... Ugh was so rusty and terrible but it was fun! Boo for weird holding notes in さくらキッス and 指輪 x_x Almost collapsed a lung seriously...

This past week was Spring Break but I was concentrating on my portfolio so didn't really get to relax. ;_; I did get some quality work done (I think) and really got my resume together. Hopefully I can smoothly apply to a few things before classes get crazy again. ><

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But yeah, mostly just watching anime (slowly), jdramas (Quartet!!!), cosplaying (less), and hanging out with my darling. Life is busy but slowly becoming more balanced. Yay for time management!
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