December 17th, 2010


Can we yes

Finished up Arakawa Under the Bridge (season 1) yesterday... kind of fun and relaxing. I think I'm getting a slight overdose of Maaya Sakamoto though. >< She's getting typecast in kind of a weird way. Like the characters she plays are pretty different but she uses pretty much the same voice for all of them. It mostly works but they all sound the same. D: *sigh* I don't know why all the plot developments in the later series actually surprised me when they were so predictable. -_- Also was watching World God Only Knows and Otome Youkai Zakuro (I am such a sucker for Meiji Taisho period costume *A*) but am now behind. Ugh being busy is so... busy.

Also this is amazing.

Hangyaku no Harry Potter! I just... keep watching it and being amused at all the characters they managed to fit Geass characters into. Notice the rat teeth on Rollo. xD

And I'm actually am starting on ALA stuff...!!! I do need to finish 4 costumes after all. I am trying to invent some way of combining a bra and a leotard for Angel Love -_-;;'s getting a little stressful. Also I made pretty good progress on a Mao costume (Tales of Rebirth) for gintaku. I even did a hand-stitched blind hem on legs of the shorts!! I'm super proud of myself. I've realized with this that I'm going to have to manage my time very well in the future for cosplay because I've become super ambitious with making well-tailored, well-sewn costumes. Ugh I might as well be stabbing myself in the hand with a needle. But I think my recent obsessions ventures into designer clothing has inspired in me a love for well-made clothing. There's also Tiz from Jyuohsei (originally scheduled for ALA 2009 hahaha) and my dream to join wabisuke's Dokuro-chan group as Shizuki.

Ok well, back to work.