November 29th, 2010

lady antebellum


I had a fun, relaxing Thanksgiving break! Started off at idprismindigo's house with his family/relative's Thanksgiving lunch. I tried to make the Asian sticky rice turkey stuffing but I think I used the wrong rice and it ended up not cooking properly... T_T Flavor was okay but texture came out weird. Gotta practice cooking more... -_-;

Then we fell into food coma for about 3 hours... and when we woke up it was time to go to Thanksgiving dinner!! This was at Joe's co-worker, Kirsten's, house and it was awesome. Amazing food... almost everything was made from scratch. Turkey was brined and delicious and the rhubarb fluff thing was so good~~ Also, a guy at the party was a Taylor Swift fan ("the gayest straight man you'll ever meet") and we and a fun lady named Karen bounded upstairs to watch the Taylor Swift TV special about the making of her new album, "Speak Now". It was a good program and I was able to sing along with all the songs since I've been listening to "Speak Now" (and only that CD basically) for like the last month lol.

Friday was ANOTHER Thanksgiving dinner, but this time with deep fried turkey and Rock Band 3! Food was insanely buttery but delicious (SO glad I ran in the morning...) and Joe's high school friends are so fun and cool. :D I think I've learned quite a number of the Rock Band songs by now... It was kinda funny when people were super impressed with my Keytar playing for "Imagine" since I did play piano up until college. xD

Saturday and Sunday were just spent relaxing at home for the most part. I went shopping for a bit with my brother on Saturday and we were able to catch up a bit on what we were up to. My brother and I have always been close but since we got into college (He's at UCLA while I'm at USC lol), we didn't contact each other much. Despite that, we're always able to pick up where we left off when we hang out again~ But I was kinda sad that I came away from shopping on Saturday with nothing... :/ I think in the past few months, I've gotten a lot more picky with clothes. It's a good thing for sure, but now I have so much trouble actually settling on buying anything. I've become more in love with name brand clothes... like this Herve Leger dress that is just so gorgeous. *A* Unfortunately, it's sold out pretty much everywhere. I did get to try this dress on at Westfield Century City and it's amazing how the bandages fit and support your body!

A great weekend but I didn't touch any of my homework due tomorrow so that needs to get done at some point tonight... >_>;;