April 1st, 2010


Too much Wookiepedia...

So I spent two entire days this week working on an entry for this Star Wars artwork (basically fanart) competition hosted by Lucasfilm and the final (third) version wasn't too bad. It's the scene when Jaina Solo fights Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo). Man I never knew that expanded universe was SO SAD. I read some of the books when I was younger but I never got to all the sad parts. Everytime someone dies, at least one person turns to the dark side and kills other people and in the end someone has to kill that Sith. So basically, everytime someone dies, about five other people will die too. :( Anyway, I will post that soon... but yeah, all-nighters are not fun. I had to actually rely on coffee and my stomach felt really bad in the morning. -_- Although I feel like if I became a coffee-drinker, I'd only drink it black most of the time.

But this competition forced me to forage into tons of reading about Star Wars and the expanded universe, and I think it slightly got to me. Today I bought these:

... because I felt like I could fit into a sci-fi universe if I wore them.

And now I want to cosplay this:

But I've always had qualms about cosplaying movie/live-action characters because I feel like you can't REALLY pull them off unless you're the same ethnicity.