January 24th, 2010


The Scenery

For the first time, I made an article of clothing that was NOT for cosplay!!

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And I was telling my friend how I noticed some girl on campus wearing the same pair of black boots (the ones I'm wearing in the cloak pictures) and how I didn't feel like wearing them that much anymore... and she called me a "HIPSTER"! Oh that hateful word!! But she also said that rather than being hipster, I was more like what the hipsters aspire to be. As in a unique individual who has their own viewpoint on life/culture/etc. and is not influenced by what society tells them to think/believe. So stuff like making your own clothes and eating vegan and whatnot is their attempts to be original and yet everyone tries to be original in the SAME WAY so it is ultimately useless. And that is why hipsters make me irrationally angry.