November 23rd, 2009


Singin' in Korean~

Is anyone interested in buying stuff from It's a Korean clothing wholesale store. The minimum order is $300 and I'm at about $190 right now. I would horrify myself if I ever did buy $300 of clothes at once so please take a look and let me know if there's something you want. I'll even foot the shipping so you only have to pay me back for the clothes. :o

Check it out

You do have to make an account to look at the prices, but it's totally worth it. :D I think their prices are pretty decent.

I'd prefer if I could possibly give you the clothes at a con or locally somehow. If anyone is going to ALA, Fanime, Anime Expo, or somewhat near Los Angeles, then that will work.

[EDIT] Ordered! Thanks to people who replied. :))
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