October 11th, 2009


What I'm watching

(btw most of these link to the ANN page)

Saw and liked

Kimi ni Todoke: I'm really glad that Production I.G. picked this up! A little surprised, but very glad. :) I read the manga and I think that the pacing is very good. They might have left out one or two things but they weren't too important anyway. It's about a girl named Kuronuma Sawako ("sawa" as in "sawayaka" or refreshing) but everyone in class calls her Sadako (from "Ring") because she's really creepy and scary lol. Sawako admires a guy named Kazehaya in her class who is like super sawayaka and he obviously likes her and helps her open her heart. :) Although I really liked the manga at first, I got a little annoyed because the main problem was always that Sawako just couldn't communicate the simplest things... but whatever it's shoujo. xD I'm really happy with the animation and everything! It looks really clean and well-drawn. :)

The Sacred Blacksmith: Kinda cool! The animation reminds me of K-on (again lol) but it's very nice. The main girl is SO MUCH FAIL but I see some Bakumatsu syndrome* in myself where I like the male main character so much that I follow the series NO MATTER WHAT. But I do like the concept of the magicky hocus pocus blacksmithing. xD The main premise is that the main girl is a knight but she breaks her swords within five minutes of the first episode and goes to find a special blacksmith to make her an unbreakable sword, although she broke her FAMILY HEIRLOOM mainly due to her own incompetence. But it's still pretty decent so far.

Nyankoi!: The English translation of the title, "Mewwuv!", is somewhat accurate but sounds so retarded. -_- But this is about a kid who hates cats because he is allergic but then knocks over a cat god statue and must now save 100 cats... or else he'll become one. Love comedy isn't really my category but this is just crack-filled enough that I like it! The girl that the kid likes also happens to really like cats haha. The romance part so far seems really cute too. :)

Saw and may or may not follow

Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra: Wow the ANN entry makes this show look so good... It's not terrible but it's kind of uninspired and reminds me of Innocent Venus in tone and quality. The fighting looks kinda cool and the concept is kinda interesting but the dialogue is tired. At least it's not another Toshokan Sensou lolollll but the fact that the main character has green hair AND green eyes kind of irritates me. I suppose I'll give it one more episode.

Kobato: Dear CLAMP, please stop making shit so that when I say I like your series, people don't think I'm a complete idiot. -_- This show is so boring and annoying (as was the manga).......... but I think I'll follow it. CLAMP series anime tends to be better than the manga so we'll see. Kobato is so retarded though... I don't know...

Still following/currently watching

Hanasakeru Seishounen: I like thisssss but I need to catch up. >.>

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: As a child, I actually really liked natural disaster stories. :) I like the sense of realism in all the relationships; it's kinda cool. And this is also the first BONES series I've really liked since Ouran High School Host Club... >.>

Kemono no Souja Erin: I'm patiently waiting for Erin to become old enough to get with Iaru. :|

Cross Game, Suzumiya Haruhi S2, Valkyria Chronicles, Bakemonogatari: I saw only a few episodes of these but I intend to finish them.

*Bakumatsu syndrome: I watched Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto purely based on the fact that I liked the male main character Akizuki. I mean, seriously, that show was SO BORING.

I've also been going back into Kpop obssession... DBSK really grew up since I was in high school. Jaejoong is REALLY REALLY sexy now. O_O