September 6th, 2009


School is cool

Just wanted to update a bit... I'm not a big fan of talking about personal stuff online but then I feel my presence on Livejournal fading and some people only know about me through the Internet so yeah.

I do like my writing professor this semester. He's eccentric! And old, which is awesome. I'm also pretty into my Chinese lit class now although it was pretty boring at first. There's some hilarious stories in classic literature. For example, there was a duke who thought he was very handsome and went around asking people if they thought he was more handsome than another rather good-looking duke LOL. xD

I was at yvechan's birthday party last night at Medieval Times!! It was freaking amazing. From the terrible acting of the princess and the cheesy "emotional" music to the SUPER LOYAL Blue knight and the Black and white knight who was really good at horseback riding, it was very entertaining. xD miao_ji liked Red and yellow knight but I definitely thought Black and white knight was the coolest. However, we were in the blue cheering section so we cheered for the Blue knight and he was definitely the best fighter! I'd gone to Medieval Times before in middle school, but I never remembered the fights being so cool. They really look like they're fighting! Except for maybe at the end... where one knight just sort of loses on purpose to move on to the next match haha. Also, the last time I'd gone, I remember the Green knight being really hot haha... but this time he was probably one of the ugliest.

And afterwards, we went to Dave & Busters where gintaku and I blew half of our credits beating Jurassic Park hahaha. xDDD SO FUN!! And then I played some House of the Dead II and III. Man, I'll never be able to get past the first boss in House of the Dead II. :( And then we played some pool. It was a first time for me and Hye and it was decently fun I suppose...

Also, I'm buying comfortable shoes from Footlocker for the first time since uh... middle school? xD I really need walking shoes this year since I live so far from campus. Since I was a little girl, I always really wanted Kswiss shoes for some reason so I'm getting some of those~

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