July 20th, 2009


Back from Otakon!

Man, I've never been to two cons (AX, then Otakon) so close together before but it was awesome! I went to the East Coast with my mom and brother first a week before since I'd never been and although it was fun, I was perpetually carsick because we traveled everywhere by bus. Not fun. :(

The day before going to Otakon I was actually ready to go home since I was so nauseous all the time but once I got to Otakon and didn't drive everywhere, it was amazing! It's very chill compared to AX, athough that's probably just 'cause I didn't do Artist Alley. But there was still a lot of cool panels and interesting things to do. I didn't really see hakuku whoops but I did meet a lot of new people including kamuishirou1999 and Shougo from Texas and James, the drummer who played for Tamura Naomi's concert(!!!!) randomly on the plane ride home.

I really didn't do much cosplay-wise. I wore only two costumes: Zange from Kannagi and Rimi from Chaos;head. I made Haku, brought it, and planned to wear it but I had a bad allergic reaction on my legs to some plant the night before Otakon and they looked terrible and splotchy so I stuck with costumes that included knee socks. I was sad 'cause there was a No Face running around and another Haku and Chihiro. DDD:

The karaoke room is really different at Otakon. There are no contests or anything and it's open microphone throughout the con. I sang four times although I only did well twice haha. xDD I was picking songs that Joysounds didn't have and so I hadn't practiced them very much before. sklathill and I did "遠いこの街で (Tooi kono machi de)" piano version and that was probably the best I sang.

The Tamura Naomi concert was definitely the highlight of the con. She is such a great performer and singer! I got a front-row seat with Rob from my hotel room (Joe, Vince, and Tony had to rush for a flight so they sat towards the back :/) and we were so hyper throughout the whole concert. xD There was a guy next to me, though, who seemed to have planned out most of the songs and was doing some really crazy things with his glowsticks and made me feel like a noob haha. When Tamura got to the third song, it was a slow one that I'd never heard before... and I started crying. I didn't even know why but it just made me feel so happy that I could hear her sing live. Apparently because I was so emotional, I was being filmed a lot haha! xD

So all in all, very fun and I will put up pictures soon... from AX too, now that I think about it. Whoops. :p