July 6th, 2009


Obligatory back-from-AX post~

So generally the same experience as most. Fun cosplay times, fun friend times, and fun Artist Alley times! Although I have fallen into the pattern of not sleeping enough but it's all right!

It was kind of funny but I've never been hit on more at a con! Lol and I'm not really scared anymore... just kindly tell them to gtfaway.

Tabling with gintaku and wabisuke was so fun! I hate that I have learned so much Hetalia crap from selling it BOOO. >:( And gintaku was such a natural cosplayer omgggg. So cute! &hearts I made either just as much or less than Fanime which surprised me and made me a bit sad but I'm getting there! I've found that people aren't too interested in medium-size prints so I'll have to cut back on those. And also no one recognized my Terra E prints which makes me a bit sad. :( (But NO I will never sell Hetalia merchandise! xD)

So this con I was Neiro from Kaiba, Sai from Naruto, Rimi from Chaos;Head, Meiling (sleeping beauty version) from Card Captor Sakura, and Kallen (school uniform) from Code Geass. I think I probably got the most pictures as Kallen but I'm so surprised at the people who recognized my Meiling cosplay! It's really pretty obscure... unless you're a geek for Card Captor Sakura I guess. xD Rimi was pretty popular considering that I only wore her for a little bit but it was likely just because of the amazing weapons that admyr_777 made for me and yoshikochan. Sai was moderately popular but I wish I could have gotten a picture with a Naruto and Sakura at some point. Neiro was super fun to wear although my hair started falling apart at the end and I had to take it off every 2 hours because it hurt my head so much. And as Neiro, I met KEL MITCHELL FROM KENAN & KEL!!! Omg it was so random haha but he started talking to me because I was wearing orange (you'd understand if you watched the show :D) and then I dragged Valerie over and she was wearing an orange wig so we were both able to get pictures with him. xDDD