April 16th, 2009


Chrome-shelled Regios - "Yasashii Uso"

The 1st ED song for Chrome-Shelled Regios, "Yasashii Uso" has three different versions, one for each of the main female characters (Nina, Felli, and Leerin). The version that plays is decided by which girl was prominent in the episode. I'm a little sad that it's changed to the 2nd ED now so I wanted to just talk about how cool the 1st ED was!

It's a duet between "Chrome-shelled" (I used to think it was the seiyuu for Layfon but it's not) and whichever female character. The versions for Felli and Leerin even have slightly different music in the background. So the single for this ED has 12 tracks! It's ridiculous but awesome. There's the original version with the guy singer only, Chrome-shelled w/ Nina, Chrome-shelled w/ Felli, and Chrome-shelled w/ Leerin. But then there's also the duet version of whichever girl without Chrome-shelled, and then the duet version without the girl. And finally, there's the two different purely instrumental tracks.

So I guess it's not too great unless you've seen the series (meaning, me basically) but here's a link to download it: megaupload