March 24th, 2009



► Pick up to 10 OTPs
► Describe them in less than (or equal to) 15 words.
► Have your flist guess the OTP

1. Although she's not another dumb blonde, he's a genius by comparison. He finds her troublesome. Shikamaru/Ino
2. She "praised the prince" in her own way and changed him for the better. Yuki/Tohru
3. His (crest of) courage can only be equaled by her (crest of) love. Tai/Sora
4. She was a Black Knight for him. Lelouch/Kallen
5. Asian people fighting Akuma. (lol so poetic) Kanda/Rinali
6. He wishes she would (could) wear the girl uniform. Tamaki/Haruhi
7. It took him 57 episodes to call her by her first name. Syaoran/Sakura
8. He's not actually her 'nii-sama. Byakuya/Rukia I figured wabisuke would get this one ;D
9. He sees the past; she sees the future. Arou/Kanade
10. She almost confessed to him in episode 49 before returning to Tokyo. Clef/Umi

HAHA some are hard, some are easy, I think. :D