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13 January 2009 @ 08:23 pm
Old news is ooold but...

This year's ALA was a lot funner than last year's, I think! The location was bigger and there were more things to do. I mainly hung out with wabisuke, miao_ji, and Valerie's friends, Diane and Lauren. :)) The first day I cosplayed Edel from Princess Tutu (with so many inaccuracies argh). Second day was School girl Kallen from Code Geass and Ayumu from Spiral. Third day was Mimi from Digimon with Ashley and Michelle and friends. It was great to see everyone: evanae, konishii, hakuku, luffyxii, whitelilacs, epiic, ycysusan, antieden, nerdcore, yoursenq &hearts Uhhh I don't think I forgot anyone. >.>; It was so nice meeting vespabee and _shiya_wind for the first time! :)

Nagi-sama and lots of DigimonCollapse )

That's all for now but I should be able to find some pictures of my sucky Edel somewhere...
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