November 12th, 2008


Random anime reviews! (so far this season anyway)

And before you read my horribly biased, flighty fangirlings thoughts about what I've seen so far this season, you should go visit Derailed by Darry, an anime blog I find highly amusing. It was especially fun watching Code Geass R2 with his reviews. :)

So series I'm following this season:

Bounen no Xam'd: Technically carrying over from the end of summer I guess. Contains some sweet BONES action although it really seems like Eureka Seven meets Last Exile (I've also heard Nausicaa). I must say, my favorite character so far is Furuichi, oddly enough.

CHAOS;Head: Harem... I think? The OP for this show is incredibly misleading. It's a somewhat dark series about an otaku that is out of his mind. He imagines that he lives with Seira-tan, a girl from an anime series, and proclaims that 2-D girls are better than 3-D ones. It gives me Suzumiya Haruhi vibes because of the way it alternates between reality and chaos. Everything isn't as it seems, but at the same time, it is...?

Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl & Fairy): Very cute and pretty art, albeit with a paper thin plot, so far anyway. xD But alas, fairies are one of my weak points and I will follow this series. As lunaneko mentioned, the Earl is a lot like an evil conniving Tamaki. :))

Kurozuka: Pretty cool premise. I read the manga a while back and it seems like the anime is moving quite slowly. It's like a fast Shigurui (which moves at a glacial pace lol). The animation is kinda flighty, but Madhouse usually doesn't fail to deliver. I'm not so sure about Miyano Mamoru in such a brooding role but it's probably because I haven't seen Death Note. And Romi Paku as a woman YESPLZ. :D

Kuroshitsuji: I see why this is popular lol. The OP alone is any yaoi fangirl's dream come true. It's cute so far (as in ep 1 lol), but somewhat contrived. I'm sure it'll get more interesting with more characters. My main reason to watch this so far is Maaya Sakamoto! I'm surprised she scored such a big role in what I presume will be quite a popular series. Go Maaya! :D The animation is okay so far. It seems like it's done by a new/small, rather talented company called A-1 Animation. They did Birdy the Mighty Decoder (the new one), and are also currently working on...

Kannagi: My favorite this season! :D Slice-of-life usually doesn't appeal to me so much, and the last time I was so excited about this kind of show was Honey & Clover. So man, where to start? The OP immediately roped me in. I love musicals and music and dancing so I thought the idol concept was super cute and well-done. I'm not too familiar with any of the seiyuu but I really like Tomatsu Haruka as Nagi. Or maybe I just like Japanese dialects? xD The characters are all quite lovable and I like that it centers around Nagi yet the other characters are strong enough to get attention and sympathy from the audience as well, without having an entire episode dedicated to them. Also, the puns are so funny! Unfortunately, the fansubs don't explain the puns in the first few episodes, but you can still catch them if you listen closely. In addition, I find the animation especially beautiful and well-done. And whoops, uh I forgot to mention what it's about lol. Kannagi is about a goddess named Nagi who materializes before art student Mikuriya Jin one day out of his sculpture. She ends up living with him and typical hijinks ensue. It sounds rather cliche (ok really cliche) but I think this is a real jewel of a series and has great potential so far, so check it out! :D

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