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20 October 2008 @ 08:56 am
So I have some long overdue Yaoi-con pics and comments. xD It was overall a fun con but probably not something I'd go to every year. I did get some cool stuff at the Swap Meet including a Last Exile mousepad (of which many people are quite jealous), CCS pins, and a Cardcaptors DVD for $1 (Not CCS, mind you xD). I cosplayed Tsukasa from Lucky Star (no pics) and Narumi Ayumu from Spiral. :) It was also really fun to hang out with fiyaamoon, wabisuke, yoshikochan, whitelilacs, and Cynthia (does she have LJ? Are we already friends? xD). It was cool to meet hakuku and friends (err sorry I lost the LJ usernames I got for the Daisuke and Krad cosplayers >_>;).

Gay porn convention YESCollapse )

Pics taken from yoshikochan and whitelilacs.

Also, this past Saturday was Anime Con Carne! Another one of those awkward get-togethers where I didn't really know anyone, really (except the people I came with)... but it was still quite fun. I went with wabisuke and sklathill and we met up with diavana and her beau. :) I was schoolgirl Kallen from Code Geass and Valerie was civilian Euphie (SO CUTE).

Just a normal day at the parkCollapse )

Pics all by sklathill.

Haven't been watching much recently. I think I'm still recovering from a certain marathon.
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