October 1st, 2008


Pseudo Y-con post

I've been waiting until I had a decent amount of content to post before I did but it just kept piling up and now I have too much crap to keep to one post. xD But anyway I was at Y-con this past weekend and it was lots of fun! As lots of people told me, it's really more like a normal small anime convention with an emphasis on yaoi.

I cosplayed Tsukasa from Lucky Star and Ayumu from Spiral (I think about 5 people recognized me, which is actually pretty amazing). I also cosplayed Sanada from Prince of Tennis on Sunday for yoshikochan's Yukimura. xD It was awesome even though I totally forgot who my character was. >.>; I didn't bring my camera with me, though, so I'll repost stuff from my friends' cameras when they upload them.

Speaking of friends, it was really fun driving up with yoshikochan, wabisuke, and fiyaamoon (YOU'RE NEVER GOING BACK IN THE CLOSET AGAIN HAHAHAHA). Also, it was cool hanging out with whitelilacs, evanae, hakuku, and other people whose LJ handles I've lost. -_-

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And so, Code Geass ends. It was entertaining, sure enough, but really not a masterpiece. Towards the end, I wasn't very attached to it at all and just wanted it to be over. At one time, I would have believed that the ending to this epic show would be grand, but R2 just had so many flaws that all I could think about was how far Sunrise had fallen. :( I still want to cosplay Sayoko though. :p

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to cosplay for ALA. Tentative choices:
- Louise (Zero no Tsukaima): It's pretty easy and I already have a wig
- Sayoko (Code Geass): For the lulz
- Kallen (Code Geass): Her schoolgirl uniform. Actually this will probably be done for a certain event.
- Tessa (Full Metal Panic): In honor of recently marathoning it. We seriously need a Chidori though. xD;
- Erza (Fairy Tail): I'd like to do this cosplay before the series gets grossly popular.
- Meiling (CCS): Apparently there's going to be a group? Or was it for Fanime?
- Something from Kekkaishi: I love Tokine but I'd be fine being anyone.

That's all for now.