August 27th, 2008


Of bygones

So things that happened these past weeks (not in order):

- Moved into college apartment. It's really fun living with my roommates for once. xD We have our own kitchen but I think we're all going to get scurvy soon because we're not getting all the nutrients we need.

- Hung out a lot with Anime Club peeps. Lots of fun too! :) Last Friday was a Coupling marathon. It's a British comedy sitcom about sex! It's really well-written and reminded me a lot of Friends. Then Saturday was Nisei Festival, where I walked quite aways to Little Tokyo. We watched the gyoza eating contest (WAY INTENSE), then went to Karaoke (man I was rusty), then Shabu Shabu, then Yogurtland. Sunday we all went to Nisei Festival again and wore yukatas! It was fun but I think I looked ...old! Dianne, Valerie, and I got dragged into the Yukata Contest and had to answer questions and cut cabbage. It was hilarious. xD I'd show pictures but I honestly didn't really like how I looked that day. >_>

- Started classes. I love my art history teacher. He's old and awesome. Also, my Italian teacher is awesome for teaching how to say drugs in Italian (marijuana is "la mariagiovanna" or "il spinello" aka "joint")

- There's this guy. I'm slightly trying to avoid him but what do you know? He shows up in two of my classes. Argh.

- I bought Ghost in the Shell and The Cutting Edge on VHS at the Goodwill Store for $2 each! :D

- Oh man... I gotta work on Y-con costumes: Narumi Ayumu (Spiral) and schoolgirl Kallen (Code Geass)

- Today was the Involvement Fair where all the clubs try to recruit members. I was helping to man the Anime Club booth today and we got like 3 1/2 pages of members! It was really cool. :D I hope a decent amount of people actually show up Thursday. I bought snacks and stuff for them. D:

- I'm working on my character for megiddo2012 and will probably put up stuff for her soon. Anyway yeah, the next post isn't going to be this boring. xD

All right, the end.