July 22nd, 2008


Funny thing

I used to download music a lot and continually update my collection. But I just realized that I haven't downloaded any songs in the past year. Yikes. xD So today, I went through 4shared and downloaded a crapload of Ayumi Hamasaki, ayaka, and Maaya Sakamoto. So I guess I'm good for the next 10 years haha.

When I used to download music a lot, that was actually only through certain people on IRC, so I didn't actively search for it anyway. I was pretty content with what I already had most of the time. And also, I don't really try new music. I tend to have a few favorites and just keep up with their new stuff.

Just wanted to share that.

Also, ...why do I keep watching Zero no Tsukaima? D: I guess because the third season, Princess no Rondo, isn't actually so bad so far and there's no more Tsubasa to watch. It's not any better than the first two seasons, but not any worse either. The OP is a lot better this time around. ZnT has a lot of potential so I hope this season might show more of that. I personally rank this show at the very high end of mediocre because of that. The main character, Louise, is really really cute and I like her a lot when she stutters. xD Siesta was incredibly annoying in the past season and she's still annoying in here but she's getting in moments where she's minimally cool, so that's good. Hm so I'll keep watching.

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Joo Dee is done except for the hair ornament and the scarf thing refuses to be cleanly spray-painted with the Earth Kingdom symbol. -_-

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