June 7th, 2008


AX line-up!

Sew! A needle pulling threeeaad~

Ahem so yeah I've been sewing a lot these past two weeks or so. But lo and behold, I have Tsukasa and Yuki done! :) Well actually, Yuki needs a sweater, belt, coloring/trimming the wig... blah whatever. Tsukasa is completely done! A-and the Lucky Star summer uniform is ridiculously cute. I get giddy looking at it haha. It has that big yellow bow on the front and a little tiny white bow on the back. :))

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Also I've caught up on Bleach, D.gray-man, and Eyeshield 21 mangas yusss. Bleach is awesome. Kenpachi vs. that guy is sorta boring though. >.>; Of course I'm thoroughly enjoying the blatant Byakuruki, but seriously, I feel so bad for Orihime. D: Ichigo is such a freakin' player. Nel is too cute though. Also, SO MUCH LOVE for the negative chapters. I definitely love this cast of characters better than the current cast lol. Younghot-headed!Byakuya freakin' made my heart stop. &hearts

(Ummmm also did Grimmjow die...? I have terrible selective memory in long shounen series and I can't remember... D: If he did, I'm sad 'cause he was sexy and I miss him in my pants)

And for once, I'm pretty excited about this next arc of fighting. It sounds pretty awesome, and that the Vaizards might show up (!).

D.gray-man, why. What is this ridiculous filler. D: It's actually not very entertaining. *disappointed*

ES21 you are awesome, but to save myself from heart failure during the course of this match, I'm going to wait until the end of the match to read it all. But actually, it feels kind of contrived right now. The only part that got me pretty excited was Ishimura's Rodeo Drive. Monta's drama does nothing for me hm. BUT OMGGGG HIRUMA DADDY IS AT THE GAAAAME. I WANNA SEE. ;DDD Hopefully, some misunderstood Hirumamo will ensue.

I'm never going to forget Kakei going "I WILL GIVE YOU ALL MY HAND TECHNIQUES" though LOL.