April 22nd, 2008


Oh Avatar fandom

Wow, what a ruckus the Avatar fandom has been in these past two days. D:

Really, it wasn't this crazy when we saw the Maiko in the trailer last summer. I don't see why everyone's going psycho over Katara and Zuko HAVING INTERACTION. I mean honestly, even if I were a hardcore Kataang fan, I don't exactly want Katara and Zuko to hate each other's guts and ignore each other for the rest of the series. I would like them to develop some kind of companionship too. And even as a Zutara fan, I adore Katara and Aang's relationship and do want it to develop more.

But I just want to say that at this point in the series, Katara and Aang's relationship is NOT established as a romance. They are as of yet good friends. Aang is obviously in love with her, but Katara is confused. Yes, they have kissed, but you don't see them walking around holding hands and going on dates. In the episode where Katara and Aang dance together, just because Katara gets jealous does not mean that she's totally in love with him. People get jealous for various reasons and in various situations. In Dexter, Debra is jealous of her brother because he spends time with their Dad. I sometimes get jealous when my brother hangs out with his friends instead of me. Jealousy is a wide-ranged emotion and does not automatically imply romantic love. On the other hand, the more obvious reaction is that yes, Katara does have feelings back towards Aang. Again, however, this does not confirm a romantic relationship. The series is not over. Yes, there are HINTS of Katara and Aang together, but so were there hints of Taichi and Sora in Digimon.

Please, Katara and Aang are NOT a "canon couple" at this time in the series.