April 17th, 2008


More psuedo anime-blogging!

D.gray-man 79: More of the same goodness! The end of Kanda vs. Skin Boric with some extremely beautiful shots of Kanda... &hearts This show is really turning out a lot nicer than I expected. I'm even getting used to the opening (and even starting to like it??).

Special A 2: Not bad. But the OP song makes me want to stab my ears and some of the background music sounds way way too cheesy. The episode was cute but they should focus on some of the other characters in the next episode. Also, I think the show could do with a tad bit more seriousness.

Soul Eater 1: V. v. nice! :D I didn't know that BONES was animating this and it's a pleasant surprise. The opening and ending are great and everything is just wonderful at this point. The character designs do a great job of capturing the essence of the manga art-style. It's kinda funny that while I was watching I was reminded of the amorphous quality that Gurren Lagann has. If anyone has an opinion (OR IS READING THIS LOL), who would win in BONES vs. Gainax? I personally slightly prefer BONES.

Nabari no Ou 1: Well WOW, why the heck is this show so good?? Because it's animated by J.C. Staff of course. &hearts The opening is awesome and the characters are engaging. I adore Kouichi already. Pretty solid so far and J.C. Staff should do more fighting anime. PLEASE. I honestly thought this was a BL show though, until I saw the ending. Maybe it still is a BL show...

Allison to Lillia 1-2: Not living up to the (unreasonable) hype I had for this show. Slow with very mediocre animation. There's like 2 seconds of somewhat cool airplane-flying here and there but not enough to keep my attention.

Hmm I actually drew some pages for a doujinshi I'm working on today. It's been so long since I've drawn manga pages. I realize that I spend wayyy more time on the backgrounds than the characters haha. It's a Byakuruki if you were curious.