April 13th, 2008


So my mouth moves and all you hear is "blah blah blah"...

Anyway. For me, these are the reasons that I can't completely say that Gurren Lagann sucks:

(in no particular order)

1. Viral
I saw something in him in the beginning that made me think "this fellow is interesting". I think it was probably how despite serving the villain Lord Genome, there was something "good" about him. He truly does have his priorities straight and works for them.

2. (time skip) Gimmy and Darry
They are my only OTP for this show. &hearts Ah childhood friend-type relationships are so sweet. And Darry's quite a mini-Yoko. xD

3. Rossiu
Poor Rossiu. Somehow I feel like I'm one of the few that understood what he was trying to do with the execution of Simon and his need for order. He's really a kind person and I got that even when he appeared to be cruel. I also think he's the most complicated and interesting character on the show.

4. Yoko
I disliked Nia for quite a few episodes because of what her presence did for Yoko. She basically became obsolete since Simon had Nia. I always thought that Yoko was so much cuter (personality-wise) than Nia.

5. Simon's Chouginga Gurren Dan outfit
...He looks ridiculously good in that jacket and... uh waist-cincher? ;x

Ah, also Code Geass R2 2 was delicious. :) I really liked the issue of Kallen liking Zero but not Lelouch (yet). Cool mecha fights and strategies were cool. The Kallen/Zero/CC triangle is really starting to develop~ And omg omg I KNEW that Rollo was piloting the crazy mech. xD Hehe and I didn't realize how much I missed dramatic, patriotic Lelouch. United States of Japan pfft.
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