April 10th, 2008


Special A 1

Aww Special A was quite good for a first episode. It's a bit of a throwback to Ouran with the rich school and all, but the main characters are all completely different and have a charm of their own.

Special A is about a girl named Hanazono Hikari whose life goal has been to beat Takishima Kei ever since he beat her at a pro-wrestling match when she was 8. For this reason, she enrolls into the same rich school as him and tries to outdo him in everything from finals to sports. xD Another perk is that Hikari is part of the Special A class, which consists of the top 7 academically ranked students of the school.

Anyway, if you check out this series, try not to immediately label it as an Ouran rip-off. It really does have its own merits and its own sense of humor. It seems to have a more light-hearted theme of hard work vs. talent. Also, Gonzo is animating it, so it won't end up too bad. :)

Yeah, because everyone reads/cares about my opinions...
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