April 9th, 2008


Itazura na Kiss j-drama vs. anime

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On another note, the fact that Vampire Knight is being made into an anime aggravates me. D: I avoid the manga series like the Plague because other work I've read by Hino Matsuri makes me not want to read more. She tends to introduce an intriguing situation and pretty characters but just leaves them hanging. Her storytelling is weak and not even her Baroque-ish art can save it. There are other shoujo artists that don't embellish their art and can tell a much better story than she can (Kawahara Kazune, Tsukuba Sakura) and yet, they don't get anime series. I would kill to see "Mekakushi no Kuni" as an anime series. &hearts My only consolement is that Studio DEEN is making the anime and they're a mediocre studio. They probably won't do justice to Hino Matsuri's art and without that, it's not much.