March 23rd, 2008


Oh true love

Ah just caught up on Koukou Debut. &hearts

For a while, I was feeling that the series was losing momentum when Haruna and Yoh actually got together because the mangaka started focusing on minor side characters that were obstacles for them. But then...! Haruna's birthday was so wonderful (and made me wish for a perfect boyfriend like Yoh haha) and Yoh on the cheering squad was priceless. xDD

And then there was Asaoka.

When Asaoka said "I'm envious of Yoh, Haruna-chan. I wish you'd see me, too", as in the way that Haruna was able to see Yoh's true personality, my heart just broke for him. J-just cracked in half. D: I totally understand, Asaoka!

For once in a shoujo manga, I actually adore both boys in the love triangle and ugh, it's so sad!! I liked Asaoka, but I'd never imagined that the mangaka would make him such a profound character.

When I go to Japan in August, I really want to visit Kawahara Kazune and hug her and tell her how beautiful her manga is. xD