March 12th, 2008



I want to get back into watching new anime on a weekly basis and going to animesuki five times a day. It was really fun back then during junior year of high school. It was the time when Suzumiya Haruhi and Ouran Koukou were airing at the same time and every week, that was what I lived for. After that, though, non of the shows really compelled me to wait around for the episodes every week (I suppose that's what I get for missing out on Kekkaishi).


I took a look at some of the upcoming shows this spring (besides CODE F*ING GEASS R2), and a bunch of them seem quite promising:

Alison & Lilia It's about two girl pilots. I dunno, the art looks cute. :D But actually, it's about old-fashioned pilots, like the ones that fly glider planes so that seems pretty cool.

Soul Eater Ahhh I used to read this manga! I remember it was another one of those Halloween-inspired stories but I love those! :D Also reminds me a bit of Shaman King because the characters have some sort of partner to fight with.

Himitsu ~ Top Secret: The Revelation REIKO SHIMIZU! I can't say enough about how much I enjoy her manga stories! I read "Magic" over and over again all the time. I read a few chapters of "Himitsu" way back when and I loved them but I fell behind fast. The art makes me think of "Monster", which I like a lot.

Nijuu Mensou no Musume I like the title. The promo didn't look too promising but this title!

Toshokan Sensou LIBRARY WARS = EPIC. Also, clean character designs make me happy.

Special A ;DDD I loved this manga a lot, before it started to annoy me. It began to suffer from Fushigi Yuugi syndrome, where every boy likes the main girl. But nevertheless, as an anime, they'll probably only go up to a certain point in the manga, which sounds good to me!

Itazura na Kiss I have yet to read the manga. But it looks great!

Ahaha I sound like some wannabe anime blogger. Urm anyway, I also finally watched the first episode of Dragonaut: The Resonance, which had been sitting in my computer for who knows how long. It's not too bad. Not too good either. It seems to have a honest, solid storyline behind it that sometimes is blocked by the cheesy dialogue ("And then, I wasn't alone anymore"...) and potentially cheesy main love story. It has a sorta Lelouch/Suzaku dynamic going on with the main character Jin and his best friend and also a Lelouch/CC dynamic with Jin and a weird girl named Toa, who is evidently a "Communicator". But I don't really think that's enough to say that it's a copy of Code Geass by any means. There's no rebellion and it doesn't have the dramatic storytelling style of Code Geass, which is kinda refreshing. I think I might watch the next episode, because I love dragons a lot. Um I hope they actually end up being relevant to the plot. >.>;
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It's weird. Britney's making a "comeback" but I can't really tell if she's actually getting better or not. I feel like she looks so energy-less in "Gimme More", and that's probably why they made a full-length animated music video for "Break the Ice".

Um, it's really not very good, especially given this day and age. Even if it was a Korean studio, the video does not match with the song at all. Britney is animated badly and they try to cover it up with the flashy background but it doesn't help when her hair looks like seaweed.

THIS is how you make an animated music video. :O
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