December 31st, 2007



I'm still exhausted from the sleepover last night so I'm going to bed now haha. xD But I'll probably play Zelda for a bit (although the Ocean King temple is annoying a little a lot D:).

I saw a bunch of movies this week! Atonement, The Illusionist, King Arthur, and Amazing Grace. Ioan Gruffudd and Edward Norton are two of my new favorite actors. Well, I saw Edward Norton in Painted Veil but couldn't remember his name. Ioan Gruffudd was a freaking awesome Lancelot and Clive Owen was a pretty rockin' Arthur. It's weird but I think I'm getting slightly sick of Keira Knightley. She was excellent in both Atonement and King Arthur but her roles were both pretty similar. Hm. It's funny the repetition of actors, though, in Atonement, King Arthur, and Amazing Grace.

Interesting. Ooh I also saw The Departed which was quite awesome. I really liked Leo DiCaprio's character. Watching it made me want to see Blood Diamond again though, for Leo's delicious accent in there. :p

Yeah so anyway,
Happy New Year!