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24 December 2007 @ 10:02 pm
Just got back from Vegas and Wang Lee Hom. Wow. Just wow. He's amazing, that man, he is. He took my hand for a moment as he passed by my row during the concert before the fangirls crushed me a second later. It was so wonderful.

Also, I was listening to one of his songs and it was a Christmas themed one and in it, he goes "Can I be your snowman~". Pfft. xD It's funnier since he's an ABC so he probably laughed about it too when he sang it. Silly Asians.

Anyway, this is a little present for sei_kou_ki 'cause we were all being spoiled brats and posting our Xmas wishlists. xD I'm freakin' rusty at fanfic. -_-;

Hirumamo fluff: 'Tis the seasonCollapse )

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