September 28th, 2007



Tantei Gakuen Q is adorable. <3 I just marathoned episodes 1-4 today and awww... Kyuu and Megu. xDD Kinta, Ryuu, and Kazuma are like... whatever. xDDD I think they all are really good actors by themselves but it seems that when they talk to each other, it's so freakin' awkward. xD

Kyuu talks sorta jerkily and his subtle emotions seem so forced but he's still passable, I guess. Ryuu... doesn't say much anyway so yeah. You know, he's the Cool one. Kazuma is all right. I like his beanie hair actually but he dresses like a complete weirdo. Kinta is like... whatever. I don't know what his "specialty" is... I suppose it's fighting but that wouldn't make him a very good detective. UNLESS!!! The lesson of this show is that when they WORK TOGETHER, they all complement each other and can solve crime TOGETHER as friends, as Kyuu has said all this time! Wow, way to subtly hint at a theme. I'm actually most impressed with Shida Mirai as Megu. She has a really mature acting style and she never gets awkward like most of the others do during their close-ups. She also has cute outfits and hairstyles... xD

Hm... I actually managed to figure out the culprits though in the 2nd and 3rd episodes (4th hasn't concluded yet), so I hope that the mysteries will eventually get more difficult. The 3rd one was quite blaringly obvious only because they actually introduced a person that didn't necessarily need to be introduced. I was stumped through a lot of the first one only because I didn't really understand what happened and who died... xD OH and speaking of deaths, they have to stop using whatever's lying around the set as blood. Blood is NOT like strawberry syrup and it is NOT like fruit punch. I also find it rather silly that they always have Kyuu point out things that everyone is stumped about but really is quite easy to understand. Anyway, it's a super cute show. :DD

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