September 16th, 2007


Art class

Generally, the art program at USC is exactly what I expected it to be. It's teaching basics and making sure that everyone has the same skills when they start off. However, I think it's unreasonable that they don't allow you to take figure drawing until you're a junior. In art, being able to draw a gesture correctly is so incredibly important, I don't know why they wouldn't let you take it right at the beginning. Thus, I am taking an extra art class.

A friend of mine in my art class named Ramon told me about a place in North Hollywood called The Animation Guild where they give lessons for quite cheap with good and experienced teachers. I heard about this class yesterday and decided to take the class today. And it was so entirely worth it. My teacher is Karl Gnass and he has taught numerous Disney animators and in my opinion, has a very thorough and intellectual understanding of art. Today's lesson taught me more than I had ever known before about figure drawing and art. It was also really interesting to meet so many different people in the class. Everyone was an adult, except for my friend Ethan who had come with me, and they all came from such different backgrounds. There were quite a few mothers, a school teacher, I believe, and there was an art school graduate who spoke bitterly about her school in New York. It was a really great experience in general and I can't wait until next week! :D

On another note, I am totally going to buy the Avatar edition of Nick magazine tomorrow. <3