September 5th, 2007



I don't know why, but I decided to run for Public Relations Chair for my Building Government. Campaigning was really annoying and I really didn't want to give a speech but it's done and over. ...What made me do it???

Uh anyway... I think my roommate thinks I'm weird because I watch cartoons about football. :p

And also TROJANS BEAT THE VANDALS (Idaho) YES. The game was really fun. Although it was obvious by about the second quarter that we would win, I really wanted to stay for the whole thing. I must have done the victory sign like a billion times. xD Man, it was exciting! Everyone was obviously drunk though and it was funny 'cause there were signs outside the entrance that said "NO ALCOHOL" and "NO INTOXICATED PEOPLE SHALL BE LET INTO THE STADIUM". Pfft. xD

AND OMG THE HIRUMAMO IMPLICATIONS IN EPISODE 74!! IT'S SO OBVIOUS. :DD <3 But strangely, I find the little hints of Mamoriku somewhat adorable as well... xD

Ergghhh I'm so behind! I still have to watch Gurren Lagann and Zero no Tsukaima S2 and Darker than Black. -_-;; Oh and shoot, I still have those 20 or so more episodes of Eureka Seven to finish.

And and... there are so many cute white guys here. I was talking to a guy in my Writing class and he had the bluest eyes and pretty eyelashes and curly hair... <3

EDIT: Wow this entry is so spazzy, so I had to add the tag. xD Anyway, I colored the Schiff pic.

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