August 12th, 2007


"Becoming Jane" and "Stardust"

Yay today was movie day! :DDD

First, we caught a matinee showing ($6 movie tickets YES) of Becoming Jane. It was such a poignant and touching movie! At times, it made me so giddy and giggly 'cause Jane and Tom were sooo adorable but at other times, it was so utterly heartbreaking, I could almost feel what they were going through. The movie was really a work of art. It did such a good job of giving insight to Jane's personality and books and although it was fictional, it does fit with everything you know about Jane (which was not much to begin with). The characters were so wonderful and the movie was just very well thought-out. I spent a lot of time just ogling at Tom 'cause he's just so handsome in his 19th century get-up! xDD This movie was just so beautiful. It really tore a hole in my heart. ;[ AND naimu CRIED REALLY HARD AFTER THIS MOVIE. D:

Next we saw Stardust, which turned out to be really cute and enjoyable. For some reason, I didn't like the main character, Tristan, as much as I thought I would and Robert de Niro's character was rather dumb. But despite that, the story was pretty unique and it was cute how Yvaine's hair glowed whenever she was all "lovey-dovey with Tristan" (I quote my friend, sunnyseashores). It was also kind of a pity that Tristan never REALLY got to use the sword skills he learned on the air ship. :/ The way that the bad guys died was also somewhat anti-climatic but the movie was still enjoyable.

Oh I also saw Transformers yesterday. It was not that great. D: I did like the autobots though.