August 7th, 2007



My mission to catch up on Eyeshield 21 has made me realize just how much I frickin' LOVE THIS MANGA TO DEATH. I'm not sure why but every frame I look at causes my heart to explode with happiness. The art is so beautiful. I don't know how Inagaki does it but when I read this manga, I feel like I love football just as much as all the players.

I've also become delusional. I think I'm growing a little TOO fond of Hiruma. I had a dream last night that he was my boyfriend (I'm a hard-core Hirumamo shipper, I am! D:) and it was the last day of high school. Deimon just won a game against some team and at the end, a giant hot-air balloon appeared in the sky and Hiruma grabbed on to it. I grabbed on to him and we sailed into the sky. But suddenly, he disappeared and I became a ninja and began searching for him all over the school. And it was during the search that I woke up. >.>; But now, when I see Hiruma in the manga, I get butterflies in my stomach. D: I must be sick.

Also, I drew a random pic for my friend, who wanted a shounen-ai pic for her LJ layout. >.>; I typically don't draw that sorta stuff but it ended up being somewhat fun. xD

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