July 29th, 2007



Much better than AX!! >< I have no idea why I never decided to go in the past but I will totally make Comiccon another convention I will attend every year. The exhibition hall was very, very exciting and I just had a blast in general. I also really didn't think that I would enjoy the Masquerade as much as I did. It was so funny and entertaining and I loved a lot of the skits; one of my favorites being "Greasy Potter" (Harry Potter set to songs from "Grease").

And the Avatar Panel. It was the reason I decided to attend for the first time. I'd never seen so many rabid Avatar fans in one place and SO excited about the show. It was wonderful to see Bryan Konietzko and Dee Bradley Baker was amazing! The third season trailer was just about the highlight of the weekend for me. The animation looked awesome and I'd never thought that the show would take such a profound and mature path in its storyline. Since I'm a Zutara fan, the kiss did dampen my spirits a little, but these Avatar creators always mess with us so I have my hopes up. I do have to say that Sokka and Katara look really good (I'm undecided about Aang's hair at this point). It was really exciting to know that even after the third season, Bryan and Mike still wanted to do more with the Avatar world. In addition, it was announced that the Avatar Movie isn't a hoax/rumor! I was dressed as Azula for two days and I had friends with me who were the Yu Yan archers. I actually was one of the finalists for the costume contest they were helding and got an awesome free shirt. :D I totally felt that the Appa deserved to win. It was also sooo exciting to see mognetcentral (as Blue Spirit) and her friends also, although I'm really bummed that they couldn't get into the panel. I'll definitely post pics of that later. I'm also so stoked about my signed S3 Avatar poster! :D Zuko looks absolutely scorchingly hot on it! :]
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