July 8th, 2007



Wow. What a ride Blood+ was. Seldom have I watched a series that was so engrossing, with rather consistent animation, a thoughtful cast, and good pacing. Battles were efficient but plentiful and it was overall, a well-rounded, well-planned series. Some people say that Saya cries too much but that's just part of her personality, I think. It makes her human and I still felt touch everytime tears fell from her eyes. There were really a lot of characters and while initially, I was somewhat irritated with some of them (Kai, Mao, the reporter guy), they really grow on you and that's how characters should be. :] Of course, I was a hardcore SayaxHaji fan from the beginning haha. xDD And I was really surprised by this, but the one song that Diva kept singing never really became tiring even though they repeated it up to 5 times in some episodes. It was always interesting to see how Saya affected other characters and how they affected her as well. I especially thought that the Schiff had one of the most touching stories of all. Their episodes really tugged at my heartstrings, especially whenever they pondered the meaning of friendship. Many people that you really like eventually die in this series but the pacing magically seems to help you move on at the same pace as the characters in the show. For me, I couldn't guess the ending at all until it came. Right up the last episode, I felt that there was equal chance at Saya failing as her winning the battle. But, the ending was handled very well (and made my inner SayaxHaji fangirl very happy :DDD).

I started reading the manga and I sorta like it better just because it's more lighthearted. Also, Haji tends to look sorta ugly sometimes in the anime and he looks very nice in the manga. The manga moves at a little brisker pace and thus, more people live at the end. xD It still carries the general message of anime and does a good job of telling Saya's story. There are actually three manga series for Blood+. The one published in Shounen Ace is the best one, in my opinion. It's the one I described above. Blood+ - Adagio is a shoujo manga about the time Saya and Haji were in Russia. It's all right so far... but it doesn't seem as fun as the Shounen version and Haji doesn't look that good. :/ Blood+ - City of the Nightwalkers is a manga about Haji before he finds Saya. It's technically a prequel but I think it makes more sense if you read it after you watch at least some of the series. The mangaka is a shounen-ai/yaoi artist but there's only a tiny bit of that. You can only tell because the cast is all-male. xD

Watch or read Blood+! I recommend it. :D