July 5th, 2007


I'm not wasting time at home... really...

I LOVE SUMMER BREAK. <33!! It's been sooooo long since I last had time where I could do whatever the heck I wanted to everyday (maybe not since last summer >.>). Everyday I go to the video store and rent movies and stuff to watch yay! xDD

One of the shows I saw was Bloodhound, which was based on a manga one-shot by Kaori Yuki, which is now a series I think. For a low-budget, half-hour-episodic series, it's really not so bad. You can tell it's low-budget by the crappy film quality but whatever, it's cute and interesting. The original manga is about a girl named Rion who is looking for her missing friend, saying that she saw a "real vampire", and who decides to search for her at a host club called Krankenhaus (spelling?), where the hosts are vampires. Well, at first, of course Rion doesn't believe that they are real vampires but after certain things happen, Rion needs the help of the leader, Suou, to rescue her friend from another vampire. The manga actually introduces some other serious elements regarding Suou's past that haven't shown up (yet) in the drama but I think they'll come soon. The drama changes the story a bit by making Suou the only real vampire at the host club and making the focus of the story to solve random supernatural mysteries that turn out to be fakes. But still, it's rather fun to watch and I really like the opening. :o

A movie that I watched was called The Painted Veil. I don't recognize the male actor but Naomi Watts is in this movie! :] This movie was about a couple in the 1920s who move to Shanghai, China, where Kitty (Watts) engages in an affair. Her husband, Walter, is furious and takes her with him to a rural village where a cholera epidemic has broken out. Walter is a bacteriologist and volunteers to try to stop it. The movie is about how Walter and Kitty eventually learn to love each other and does a great job of it. I felt that the script of the movie was very subtle and simple but still beautiful. I think towards the end, the movie skipped a bit too much to the ending but it still made sense. Watt's acting was very well-done and heartbreaking. I loved this movie. ;]

Also, I started watching Blood+ and so far it's very good. :] The art and animation makes me happy. Also, the music is really nice. It has some very pretty BGMs that they just sneak in there.

WOW I used to never have time to write about the stuff I watched! xD

But I do need to start working on Yu Yan archer for Comiccon... and Azula's pants need to be redone. -_-