May 1st, 2007



Well, it's not summer yet. I have yet to endure hell month (May: tests and piano competitions galore), but I'm seriously looking forward to summer. This will be the first month where I won't be taking any ridiculous classes or have to compete in any ridiculous piano competitions (SYMF has NO CASH PRIZES) and I am SO PSYCHED. xD

First, I'll be going on a grand 'ol trip to China right after graduation (EXCITING!) to some pretty places. Well, any place is pretty where my relatives in Shanghai aren't insulting my Chinese. >_>;; Then, June 29 - July 2 is my annual escape to AnimeExpo! xD I will be certainly cosplaying someone (either Azula or Mai or Yue if I get some more money and motivation) from Avatar, possibly Naruto anbu (lame but REALLY COOL at the same time xD), and I'm sorta not interested in cosplaying D.gray-man anymore. Although I love their sexy black outfits, I just cosplayed their old outfit last year and I don't really feel like making the new one. I suppose I could wear the old one again but ... nah. I was thinking of being Masshiro or Risa of the Vaizards from Bleach. Masshiro requires me to lose about 10 lbs. since I'd be wearing a white bodysuit >_>. Risa would be relatively easy, actually. But Masshiro is cute... and I'd get to wear a wig. :o Hmmm anyway, then there's Comiccon towards the end of July where I will be able to wear my Avatar costume again! :D

But this is all granted that I'll survive hell month.

P.S. I'm gonna be a Trojan, baby! :] Sorry, jcflygurl. :[
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