January 2nd, 2007


"One part courage and three parts fool"

"Eragon" wasn't so bad. XDDD I think that was mostly due to my rock-bottom expectations for the movie, though.

I first went to see "Night at the Museum" and that was pretty good. But, I dunno... a lot of the parts that were meant to be funny really... weren't. Like, I thought Ben Stiller really killed the joke with the monkey, but the rest of the audience in the theater thought it was funny. However, I really liked the concept of the museum coming alive but it didn't make any sense that the statues knew that they were wax dummies, as Teddy Roosevelt pointed out. And the rest of the movie didn't follow through with that concept. Well, whatever. The museum itself was really nice though; I wish there was a museum in our area like that.

As for "Eragon", I must first admit that I never finished the book. I think I read about half of it and then stopped. It... wasn't that good. XDD; So I might be going easy on the movie. But whatever. Ed Speleers did a decent job as Eragon. He wasn't so bad, but he wasn't so good either. XD; I actually felt he got better as the movie progressed and he did quite a nice job with the penultimate scene with Arya. But rather than his acting, I was absolutely in love with his gorgeous armor. I mean, when I saw it on the screen, I could just feel the love that the seamstress put into embedding each pretty silver piece into that lovely cape. <3

I couldn't find a picture of the armor that Eragon wore at the end but even here... *sigh* I love that armor. :D And seeing as Arya is in the picture, I found her to be portrayed okay. She was elf-like in certain parts of the movie, like here:

But she became less elf-like later:

I thought elves... put their hair down. XDD
Hmm anyway. I thought one aspect that the movie managed to pull off was to show Eragon's change in character but also how he hasn't changed in character. Okay, okay, I know Ed Speleers didn't do a very good job of showing Eragon's character most of the time, but I think he did a pretty good job 1.) when Eragon's uncle died and he was being immature and wanted to stay behind and 2.) when Brom died and Eragon tried to heal him. The movie did a good job of showing Eragon's character when he 1.) went back to save Arya despite Brom's objections and showed that he really cared for everyone around him by trying hard to save Brom and later, Arya; and 2.) when he tried to save Saphira and thought he failed. When Eragon thought that Saphira had died, he must have realized just how inexperienced he was and that he still had a lot to learn. Then, I think even though Saphira was successfully healed, Eragon still knows that he has a lot to learn because he embraces her and realizes how precious she is to him. I did find it hard to believe that Eragon was able to beat a powerful Shade like Durza but bleh... it would suck if he were still alive. They needed to show that Eragon was powerful even if the audience didn't think so. XDD;
Another thing I thought was done competently was Eragon and Arya's relationship. I thought they would seriously screw it up with some cheesy chick flick crap since it was pretty complicated, but it was okay. It was like they knew each other... but they didn't know each other. They were comrades but you could see that they had the potential to be more, which was sorta impressive. Of course, Jeremy Irons (god he is sexy <3) was awesome as Brom and I personally thought he had like the best wardrobe out of everyone. XDD
I didn't feel the "Lord of the Rings" vibe coming from it as strongly as a lot of people did, I think (only when they were travelling long distances on horseback XD). The vibe disappeared when Eragon began riding Saphira instead of being on horseback, which were some of the most awesome scenes in the movie. Saphira was stunning, as most people mentioned. She looked so real, down to the feathers on her wings, and I actually really liked how the dragon's blood was red, just like a human. I felt that message coming out strongly when Eragon touched her wound after the final battle and his hand was covered in red blood. That was pretty good. :]
Overall, "Eragon" wasn't that bad, but wasn't that good either. I'm not sure what kinda people would enjoy it but I did and I really didn't think it was that bad! XD