September 4th, 2006


TEI <3


If you didn't know, Tei is a Korean singer and he is VERY GOOD. He has a voice that can really melt your heart and he's such a hunk too. :] I think unlike other Korean artists, Tei is either very shy or mature. When I see clips of him in Xman, he rarely does anything, let alone anything crazy, besides sing. XD And I love how he wiggles his fingers when he sings~ so cute. :D

Tei performing "Love is Once" Aww I love how there's snow in his hair. :]

Music Video for "Love is Once" I'll bet you can't tell which song of his I really like ;D

Tei performs a couple of songs His English is so cute. XD And gawd, how beautiful is his voice in the last song. ;D

Tei sings on a Korean karaoke show I really love how Tei sounds for this song. :D And doesn't he look like such a stud here ? Rwar. ;D

Okay so yeah. I love Tei. <3 XD

And also, I made two music videos recently. XD

Ouran Koukou Hostbu - Better Shape Up

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu - Three Small Words